This could be just another normal day...

Could... But now, the times
are other. The days are no longer
how they should be.
The End. It is funny how these little words
got a new meaning.
Of global proportions, by the way.
Without any apparent reason, any solutions at sight.
The streets are taken by chaos.
Facing this scenario,
four brave had to run away
from their daily stories
Stories that haven´t had
a really happy ending.
What they dind´t know,
Is that the story of their lives...
was just beginning
For not to become the meal
of their dead owners
They had to let go
the comfort of their homes
For not to become one of them
They had to run
(or fly) like never before
No one knew where to
or until when to run away.
Until the unexpected happened.
Desitiny brought the four
brave survivors together.
Who not even knew each other.
Together in what seems to be
the only (and most ridiculous)
safe place that exists.
The following days will be
of comforts. A private club
on the top of the most luxurious
bus on Earth.
This is a world where the dead are not
so dead as they should be.
They wander after something alive
to kill an endless hunger.
The expression "live one day after another"
suffered a small adaptation for
those who are still alive.
"Survive one day after another".
This is how the living people
can keep on going.